Cultivated Turf Varieties from Warfield Turf

New Lawn
New Lawn

Good quality cultivated turf from Warfield Turf Warfield Turf supply a cultivated landscape grade turf, purposely grown to meet your requirements. Warfield Turf do not sell meadow turf (turf which is simply cut from a field – not purpose grown and not seeded)

Our turf is a versatile, hard wearing, mid range maintenance, fertilised and weed treated turf, available at the lowest prices Warfield Turf are able to offer.

Warfield Turf supply many local businesses from landscape gardeners, building contractors, golf clubs, football and rugby clubs and other turf supplying companies, as well as private residential customers.

Turf Harvesting This years seed mix:

 %  Grass  Benefits
 15% Sauvignon  Perennial Rye Grass
  •  Exceptional shoot density
  • High tolerance to close mowing
  • Mid dark green colour
 15% Margarita  Perennial Rye Grass
  •  Excellent wear tolerance
 35% Herald  Strong Creeping Red Fescue
  • Exceptionally short growth, reducing maintenance costs
  • Good colour and disease resistance
 20% Cezanne  Slender Creeping Red Fescue
  • Highest shoot density rating for fine turf use
  • Very good disease resistance
 10% Musica  Chewing Fescue
  • No. 1 rating for close mown turf
 5% Highland  Brown Top Bent
  • Attractive year round colour
  • Fine leaved

A top class mixture, capable of rapid establishment, which provides a hard wearing turf, with excellent colour and disease resistance. The inclusion of Sauvignon combines all of the benefits associated with modern turf perennials, incredible fineness of leaf and shoot density. The high proportion of creeping fescue provides a rhizomatous root structure increasing root strength, making the resultant turf more resistant to damage when lifting.