Garden and Grounds Maintenance Contractors from Warfield Turf

Warfield Turf offers our customers a full range of commercial and domestic garden and grounds maintenance services.

Our role is to take all the concern of the garden and grounds maintenance out of the hands of the client by providing an efficient programme individually suited to our clients needs.

Warfield Turf can maintain a wide range of facilities including:

  • Residential houses
  • Residential grounds
  • Blocks of flats and apartments
  • Business parks
  • Hotels
  • Sports grounds
  • Amenity areas
  • Large fields, meadows and paddocks
  • Church yards

Visits can be arranged from once a week to once a month to fit in with your schedule and budget. Our maintenance services includes:

Grass Cutting

With a wealth of experience in grass cutting we promise to achieve the best possible results from your grassed areas including:

  • Large and small residential lawns
  • Large and small residential estates
  • Large parkland areas
  • Large fields, meadows and paddocks
  • Playground areas
  • Church yards
  • Sports areas e.g. Football, Rugby, Golf and Polo

Grass clippings can be removed from the site and taken to composting sites.
Warfield Turf used all the modern-day machinery from strimmers, regular cylinder lawn mowers, ride on mowers to tractor mounted cylinder mowers and gang mowers.

Lawn Care

Warfield Turf will improve the appearance of your lawns and grassed areas with the following services:

  • Regular fertilizer application
  • Herbicide application to remove moss, clover, broad-leaved and annual weeds
  • Pesticide application to kill insects, moulds and diseases
  • Scarifying
  • Aeration
  • Leaf clearance
  • Repairs including over seeding and turfing

Border Care

  • Plant feeding
  • Clearance of debris
  • Weed control
  • Mulch renewal
  • Compost renewal
  • Edging
  • Pruning


Warfield Turf can carry out a variety of seasonal flower, shrub and tree planting schemes of our clients choice. Warfield Turf supply top quality plant stock from local nurseries and use the best planting compost.

Hedge Trimming

Trimming of overhanging/overgrown branches, bushes and hedges.

Hard Surfaced areas maintained

Sweeping, blowing or vacuuming of all patios, driveways, car parks, paths and shingled areas to clear of debris, leaves and litter.

Chemical spraying to ensure all hard surfaces stay weed free.

General Tidying/Clearing

To make sure your garden and grounds stay as clear and tidy as possible throughout the year.

Warfield Turf will also take away all garden waste including leaves, grass cuttings, fallen debris, fallen tree branches, any plants that may be removed and litter.

Please contact us to arrange a site consultation where Warfield Turf will be able to discuss your maintenance needs and provide a quotation.